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The Concept of ourGOVERNANCE


The concept of the ourGOVERNANCE   was proposed after discussions around the critical issues that face the Governing Body of Non-profit Organisations. Development work on ourGOVERNANCE   began back in May 2001, as there appeared to be much work done in the area of For-Profit Governing Bodies, but minimal if nothing in the way of Non-profit Governing Bodies.


The General consensus is that Non-profit Governing Bodies could have as high as 80% of their governing body members who may never have sat on a Governing Body before.  The feeling is that these governing body members may not be aware of how onerous their appointment is, with respect to their fiduciary and statutory responsibility, corporate governance and due diligence issues.


OurGOVERNANCE was developed in the interest of making available to such Governing Bodies and their Chairpersons a tool through which they could individually review their understanding of their responsibility of being a Governing Body Member on such a Board, and embark on personal Governing Body Member Development. The core focus is to empower each Governing Body member with the knowledge to improve their application of this learning/understanding and in so doing improve the effective and efficient decision making that such a Board member has to make, plus to protect the investments made in the organisation by the founders and funders of such company.


The personal impact on a governing body member will be felt nationally and possibly globally as these individuals may have seats on other Governing Bodies/Forums/Councils etc, and this will in turn have a positive impact on the organisations that they have a governing body membership/executive responsibility for.


The philosophy of corporate governance cannot rely on statutory requirements, generally accepted codes of practice and ethics alone, but must embrace social and economic transformation imperatives.  OurGOVERNANCE is one way of beginning to address this with specific focus onto corporate governance standards, which are directed at three aspects of any enterprise’s activities, namely:


  • Competent Management
  • Responsible and ethical conduct
  • Accountability to others with a vested interest and society at large


The under- pinning concept for Non-Profit Organisations and their Governing Body  is the propensity to serve and this is the essence of the corporate governance philosophy for non-profit organisations, which by their very definition of legal form, suggest a motive other than making profits for their investors.


NB. For a full explanation of the programme read the introduction before starting to work through the modules.