ourGOVERNANCE © is an e-learning programme for governing body members of Non-Profit and social impact organisations. The objective of the programme is to provide governing body members of Non-Profit organisations with the understanding, guidelines and information they need to enable them to manage their organisation, its affairs and undertakings effectively, comply with legal and legislative requirements, and to fulfil the obligations and expectations incumbent upon them as governing body members. The e-learning programme is grouped under four modules covering fifteen sections in total.

Module 1

Introduction to corporate governance and the nature of the Non Profit Company.

Covers the following:

  • Objective and scope
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal nature of Non-Profit Organisations
  • Main object of the Non-Profit Organisation – Why it exists
  • Stakeholders and beneficiaries 
  • The Members of the Non-Profit Organisation

NB.     This module has 6 sections with 28 of 95 questions in the self assessment.

Module 2

Duties and functions of a governing body.

Covers the following:

  • The Governing Body
  • Duties and responsibilities of a Governing Body Member
  • The Chair (Chairperson)

NB. This module has 3 sections with 22 of 95 questions in the self assessment.

Module 3

Company effectiveness.

Covers the following:

  • Governing Body Effectiveness
  • Managers and Committees
  • Employees

NB. This module has 3 sections with 22 of 95 questions in the self assessment.

Module 4

Statutory requirements and code of conduct.

Covers the following:

  • Auditing requirements
  • Legal and statutory compliance
  • Code of conduct and ethics

NB. This module has 3 sections and 23 of 95 questions in the self assessment


The essence of ourGOVERNANCE© is that once the Governing Body Member/Executive of the Non-profit has registered with Third Sector Insights they will gain access to not only their personal development programme  through  ourGOVERNANCE ©,  but  they  will  also  have  access  to  the  Non  Profit Leadership Forum and will receive regular Third Sector Insights update briefs with the latest and relevant information globally and locally, specifically on Non-Profit issues.

The registered governing body member/executive will have twelve months  and  unlimited  attempts  at  successfully  completing  the  programme.  On successful completion of the programme they will receive a certificate of completion. As shown below.

 Course completion flow chart.

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