Hi Folks, thank you for your patience around the ourGOVERNANCE © RSA goverance e-learning relaunch. The final quality checking and technical testing is taking rather longer than anticipated. For those of you who know me I want everything to have been done yesterday already!!!  The good news is that we have settled on the price to market at R1200 per registration. HOWEVER, the even better news, is that we wish to make this an extremely exciting re-launch, and will, therefore, decide over the weekend on what a fair introductory registration fee will be……… Once decided, we will hold the price until the end of november. Our passion is to at a cost effective fee, empower the executives and governing body members of nonprofit and social impact organisations to be more effective and efficient in the discharging of their duties on behalf of their stakeholders and more especially, their beneficiaries. Have a look at our website on www.thirdsector.co.za for more information.