As at today’s date of the 25th January 2019 there are 205 527 Nonprofit organisations currently registered on the Department of Social Developments NPO Register in South Africa. The sector estimates that there are as many as 50 000 not registered.

Each of these organisations, whether they are a voluntary association, nonprofit trust or nonprofit company have some form of governing body (Board). Globally the average size of these governing bodies is between 8 and 12 governing body members.

Let us take 10 as the figure we will use for this illustration….. That translates into over 2 500 000 individuals who have a ‘governance’ responsibility on behalf of the stakeholders and beneficiaries. Let us be fair and say that maybe they have a seat on two of these governing bodies. That still translates into a staggering 1 250 000 governing body members. TSI’s experience over the past twenty years is that over 80% of these wonderful individuals who accept a seat on these governing bodies may not have sat on a governing body before. What an amazing opportunity to engage, empower and evolve with these governing bodies and shine the light into their board rooms.

Third Sector Insights is committed to work with them to empower them to be more effective and efficient in the discharging of their duties on behalf of the stake holders and beneficiaries.

Partner with us in being of service to them, by funding these organisations to begin the journey of empowering their governing body members to register and complete the ourGOVERNANCE © RSA e-learning programme.

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