You may be interested in the link below to the survey from Stanford University on leadership and management in the NPO sector. Which I believe is well worth reading.

The executive summary mentions, and I quote:

“The Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector was conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Social Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Stanford Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Stanford Social Innovation Review, GuideStar, and BoardSource. In this survey, more than 3,000 stakeholders from the nonprofit sector—including nonprofit executives and staff, board members, and donors—provided detailed information about the leadership and management practices of a nonprofit organization with which they are involved.

“This comprehensive survey generated highly informative empirical data that highlights our observations from decades of experience in the sector. In order to be best in class, a nonprofit needs to excel in all areas of nonprofit leadership and management. And our survey found that most nonprofits fall far short in their efforts to achieve significant impact,” explains Meehan.

Statistical analysis of responses from executives, staff, and board members at nonprofit organizations revealed that only 11% of these organizations are strong in all seven elements of strategic leadership. The analysis also found that More than 80% of nonprofit organizations struggle with at least one of the seven fundamental elements of nonprofit leadership and management, thus hampering their overall performance and their ability to achieve their goals. More than 28% of respondents indicated that their organization performs well in two or fewer of these areas. Analysis of responses from nonprofit executives, staff, and board members revealed that the three leading challenges facing their organizations are board governance, funding, and impact evaluation. In each of these areas, more than half of respondents indicated that their organization struggles to perform well. End quote.