“Norman Terret Founder of the The World Institute For Governance Of Non Profit Organisations initiative is delighted to confirm that TSI is seen as an integral part of this World initiative. He states TSI through the leadership of Malcolm Boyd, have been involved in outstanding and innovative work in the field of Governance, for many years and indeed are thought leaders in this sector. Their activities that currently take place in South Africa could be extended internationally and make an impact not only in Africa but also worldwide.”   

The World Institute For Governance Of Non Profit Organisations, is an initiative which is supported globally by many senior individuals. The main role of the Institute is to address the issue of waste and mismanagement within the donor sector globally and in so doing play a significant role in alleviating the distress of the most needy in society who are not receiving the funds allocated to them. The mission and objectives are to provide a common global standard and certification within the Not for Profit sectors globally. It will work in close liaison with Governments, NGOs, Foundations, Charities, Universities, Business and consultancies and utilise “best in class” training methods; and will share knowledge from research and experience with all interested parties.